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1. UL Certification

UL, the abbreviation for Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which is the most authoritative testing and verification organization in the US as well as one of the majority non-governmental testing and verification organizations in the world. UL provides product safety certification and safe operation verification services, aiming at ensuring the compliance of products on the market with applicable safety standards and thus contributing to the people’s health and property safety. As product safety certification proves to be an effective measure of removing technical barriers, UL also plays a positive role in facilitating international trade. Today, UL has been a symbol of safety for consumers in the US and one of the most trustworthy conformity assessment service provider for manufactures of the world.

In addition to the traditional consumer electronic products, such as AV and IT, CCIC-SET has widely developed and collaboration with UL for PV and wind-related new energy products to jointly provide efficient and quality certification and testing services to customers operating in the global market. CCIC-SET is the most desirable local partner of PV manufacturers to acquire UL certification for their products in China.

主要检测范围:音,视频类产品/ UL 60065,光伏逆变器/UL 1741、UL 1547

Products and standards

Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus / UL 60065

PV Inverters / UL 1741, UL 1547

 2.ETL Certification

ETL is a certification for products exported to the markets of US and Canada. ETL Mark is proof of product having been tested to applicable safety standards by US NRTL or Canadian SCC accredited organization, with equivalent recognition to UL or CSA Mark. Intertek is one of the minority organizations accredited by OSHA and by SCC to issue ETL certificates.

CCIC-SET cooperates with Intertek to provide manufacturers with ETL certification services for their IT, AV, LED and related products, and PV module and inverters.

Information Technology Equipment/ UL 60950;

Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus/ UL 60065;

       LED and related products/ UL 8750, UL 153, UL 1598, UL 1993, and other standards

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