Certification Introduced

In 2001, Japan adopted Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAN) to regulate most electrical products in household or commercial use. According to this law, regulated electrical products and key components and attachments must pass safety and EMC testing and acquire the PSE certification.

Based on DENAN, regulated products are divides into two categories to which different certification processes and requirements are applied: Category A, specified special appliances and materials 115 items to be affixed with diamond PSE mark, and Category B, other electrical appliances and materials 339 items to be affixed with circle PSE mark. All the regulated products must acquire PSE certificate issued by a third-party certification body which is accredited by Ministry of Economy and industry, Trade and industry (METI). In the case of diamond certificate, certificate holders must complete product registration at METI. 

Business Range

Through the cooperation with CQC, CCIC-SET is able to help customers obtain PSE certification, as well as importing their products into japan.



Self-ballasted LED luminaries and ordinary luminaries

2.VCCI of Japan

VCCI certification is conformity verification for EMC in Japan, which is regulated by the non-governmental organization - Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment (VCCI). VCCI certification regulates information technology equipment (ITE) which has the nominal voltage below 600V, that is, equipment mainly used for input, storage, display, searching, transmission, processing, exchange or control (or a combination of some of them) of information. At present, VCCI applies exactly the same standards as the international CISPR 22. Products should be in conformity with relevant standards which is depending on EMC limiting value Class A or Class B, and also should label with VCCI mark.

CCIC-SET register to be a member laboratory of VCCI in July 2009 (membership No.: 3035), with an accredited scope include all the EMI test items for information technology equipment:

- Radiated Disturbance(Below 1GHz)(R-3102)

- Radiated Disturbance(Above 1GHz)(G-25)

- Mains Ports Conducted Interference(C-3444)

- Telecommunication Ports Conducted Interference(C-1618)

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