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By cooperating with local organizations, CCIC-SET also provides international certification services to help the enterprises export their products into the Southeast Asia, the main product services include mobile phone (3G,GSM,WIFI and Bluetooth), tablet PC and PC with 3G,WIFI,RIFD and bluetooth functions, wireless router, etc to be placed on the market of major Southeast Asian countries. They are:

ŸPOSTEL certification of Indonesia

ŸSIRIM certification of Malaysia

ŸNTC certification of Thailand

ŸIDA certification of Singapore

CSP Scheme and Safety Mark in Singapore

Business Range

1.POSTEL certification of Indonesia

POSTEL is a type approval certificate issued by Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication (DGPT). Communication products prior to be allowed import into Indonesia must have type certificates issued by DGPT and inspected by Customs.

2.SIRIM certification of Malaysia

Product certification system adopted in Malaysia consists of mandatory and voluntary certifications. Communication devices and the 31 categories of electrical products listed in Approved of Electrical Equipment are subject to mandatory type certificate and safety certificate. The other products types are certified on a voluntary basis.

3NTC certification of Thailand

National Telecommunication Commission of Thailand (NTC) explicitly formulates standards and restrictions for telecommunication devices, terminal devices and wireless products. It requires imported communication products to have NTC certification and be affixed with NTC label.

4.IDA certification of Singapore

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is responsible for the regulating of the telecommunication products, according to technical specifications IDA formulates. These specifications constitute the lowest technical standards which telecommunication devices are sold or used in Singapore are subject to.

 5.CSP Scheme and Safety Mark in Singapore

CSP Scheme regulates 47 product categories including home appliance, AV, home computer, priming illumination, plug and socket, components used in liquefied petroleum gas system, etc. According to this Scheme, suppliers prior to sell regulated products on the Singapore market must register at SPRING Singapore to become “Registered Suppliers”; acquire Certificate of Conformity (COC) (valid for 3 years) for their products from conformity Assessment Body (CAB); suppliers must submit the COC to SPRING Singapore to ensure certified products registered; then have products confirmed and affixed with Safety Mark. After fulfilling all these procedures could be allowed to sell or advertise.

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