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Our successful convening of the new energy industry standard NB / T 32004-2013 "PV grid-connected in

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PV grid-connected inverter energy industry standard NB / T 32004 -2013 " PV grid-connected inverter technical specifications" was August 1, 2013 officially released . It will replace CNCA/CTS0004-2009A, a photovoltaic inverter domestic certification performance standards . To help companies better understand the new standards , good standard version of the work , the inspection group Southern electronic product testing ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd. (CCIC-SET) Joint China Quality Certification Center (CQC) was on August 2, 2013 held in Shenzhen technical seminar for the new standard .

The meeting is to introduce to our customers , to explain the new standard certification work carried out manner and basic requirements, and to everyone concerned to explain the technical issues . China Quality Certification Center for Zhang Xue CQC highlights so far this year the basic working conditions and arrangements for follow-up work plans and implementation of the new certification standards related to focus , such as : Implementing Rules , version for rules , the application process , cell division principle , the relevant Policy Guidance has done a detailed explanation. Subsequently , our inverter project leader Kangqin a new pair of standard NB / T 32004-2013 relating to technical difficulties and focus on testing done to explain .

CCIC Southern electronic product testing ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd. ( formerly Shenzhen Electronic Product Quality Testing Center , CCIC-SET) PV laboratory build in 2007 , in 2008 won the national laboratory accreditation and accredited by CNAS , and have become the China Quality certification Center (CQC), the German TUV NORD, Canada and the United States UL and CSA certification bodies accredited laboratory . With the Intertek, France Veritas (BV) and other certification bodies close working relationship , my lab for Golden Sun qualification testing of photovoltaic enterprises , while also providing TUV NORD, UL / CSA / ETL, SAA and the G83 and other international standards testing and certification services . Above all the tests are certified to complete at home , truly a multi- measurement certificate .

Seized in the South is committed to building certification quick passage for the majority of enterprises to provide a one-stop detection technology services to help enterprises to better prices obtained in the shortest period of the certificate authority issuing agency to promote their products successfully entered the domestic market .

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