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Successful Cases in PV Product Tests and Certification Services

In 2010, CCIC-SET provided China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) with PV Power Station Full-process Quality Monitoring services for Dunhuang 10MW PV Power Station and Xitieshan 10MW PV Power Station. From then on to the year of 2012, we provided related services to all the PV power station projects established by CGNPC whose capacity totaled 200MW, winning praise from all the owners. In addition, we have developed long-term strategic partnership with other owners, such as China Three Gorges New Energy Corporation and China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Ltd.

In 2010, we provided CQC Golden Sun Certification service to the domestically leading CPV product manufacturer -- Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Company Limited (Suncore). This is one of the first products of this kind in China which apply for certification.

Our inverter testing has been accredited by UL. We have provided on-site witness testing services for UL certification of inverters of Shenzhen BYD. CCIC-SET has become the first UL-accredited laboratory for inverter products as well as the first laboratory applying for providing witness test service for UL certification of inverter manufacturers.

Since 2009, we have provided various entrusted testing services to Shenzhen Dupont, making detailed and valid data available for the R&D process in Dupont. In this case, we fully played the role of public testing platform and ensured data required in new product research and development and long-term testing. (Dupont is an important high-tech enterprise introduced in Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation).

We continuously provide product sampling inspection services to Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision, primarily on the sampling inspection and test of the safety and performance of independent PV system (such as road lamps) and related products. In the ensuring of product quality, we make our contributions in terms of safeguarding national and social properties and people security. 

As the earliest inverter testing laboratory with a complete set of testing equipment, CCIC-SET has provided a large number of inverter manufacturers with testing services related to Golden Sun Certification in China. In addition to domestic customers, we also provide services for a large number of foreign enterprises.

Services of CCIC-SET PV Lab

A  PV Product Testing and Certification Services

CCIC-SET PV lab provides “one-stop” testing and certification services to PV enterprises. When positively test by our PV lab, products will acquire certificates from famous foreign or domestic certification bodies based on GB standard, IEC/EN standard and UL standard.

For PV products certification, CCIC-SET has established full cooperation with three organizations:

CQC Solar Product Certification

CQC is China’s largest and a world-leading certification body. The certificates issued by CQC are extensively recognized by governmental agencies and the market, with which manufacturers and suppliers will get their products to the Chinese market in an efficient and much faster way.

TÜV RHEINLAND Certification

TÜV RHEINLAND is one of the largest technical service providers in Germany. The certificates issued by TÜV RHEINLAND enjoy wide recognition and enable fast entry of PV products into the European market.

B.PV Product Inspection Services

The PV lab of CCIC-SET provides manufacturers, purchasers or suppliers with various PV-related inspection services, including full-process monitoring and acceptance check of PV power stations, plant review, pre-delivery inspection, installation/dismantling monitoring, inspection and 100% inspection services.

Full-process Quality Monitoring on PV Modules for PV Power Grid Integration & Power Generation Projects
We provide PV power station owners with a full-process quality monitoring service package aimed at ensuring quality consistency of PV modules and optimizing the power generation efficiency. Our services include factory inspection, production process quality supervision, installation/dismantling monitoring, field instructions for PV array installation, as well as PV modules sampling inspection and type test.

Full-process Quality Monitoring on PV Grid-connected Inverters for PV Power Grid Integration & Power Generation Projects

Inverters are one of the core parts for PV power stations. To ensure inverters’ stability, safety, reliability and qualified performance during operation, we also provide full-process quality monitoring services on PV grid-connected inverters including: incoming quality control, assembling process monitoring, delivery inspection, packaging process monitoring, field supervision of dismantling, installation and grid-integration commissioning, as well as assistance to manufactures in the sampling inspection and type test.

PV Power Station Acceptance Check
We provide acceptance services on grid-connected PV power generation system so as to promote technical level of grid-connected PV power generation system in China and to ensure safe, reliable and stable operation of electrical equipment used in the PV system. The acceptance services mainly include the acceptance of project system documents, electrical equipment inspection, electrical equipment and system testing and inspection reports. 

Testing Scope of CCIC-SET PV Laboratory

At present, the primary services of our PV lab are testing and certification of the major components of PV system. Our service scope is as below:

PV modules

Junction boxes, connectors and cables

PV power plants



Independent PV systems

The PV Laboratory of CCIC-SET

CCIC-SET PV lab has been built since 2007 as the only photovoltaic lab in southern China. It is equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments and operates strictly according to ISO 17025 standard, having the full service capabilities for products falling into three categories -- PV modules and related components, PV grid-connected inverters and related products, and charging units for electric vehicles.

In 2008, CCIC-SET PV lab acquired CNAS accreditation and, in 2010, extended its accredited scope to 50 new energy standards covering all the lab’s three product categories. In February 2012, the lab was accredited by IECEE as a CBTL for PV products (No. TL411). In 2013, the PV lab was accredited by National Energy Administration to be a central laboratory for PV power generation equipment evaluation.

Our PV testing services are recognized by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Germany TÜV RHEINLAND and American UL. In 2009, we additionally became a laboratory recommended by Italian Gestore Servizi Energetici (GSE).

No matter what the products are – photovoltaic modules, junction boxes, connectors and cables, PV inverters, electric vehicle charging units, etc. – when being tested for only once in our lab, they will acquire CQC solar product certification, TÜV certification and CB certification at the same time, making it very convenient and much faster for the break of trade technical barriers and global market entrance.

In addition to traditional product testing and certification services, based on laboratory testing advantages and our engineers’ experience, CCIC-SET PV lab has developed cooperation with CQC able to undertake full-process monitoring for the construction of PV power plants and acceptance check of PV power plants that are entrusted by power plant owners.

Our clients include many famous brands from China and the world, including Yingli, CSI, JinKo, Trina, Dupond, Schneider, Emerson, BYD, Greatwall, Jiawei, CGN, Datang and CWIC.