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EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) 

EMS (Electro-magnetic Susceptibility)

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EMS Test Capability

There are many kinds of methods applicable to the test of in-vehicle electronic products in different countries and regions. In order to determine the susceptibility of EUT, test method shall be selected based on various parameters such as frequency band, test point of EUT, features of interference source and EUT size. Test methods commonly used for EMS include BCI (bulk current injection), free field, conducted transient, electrostatic discharge (ESD), etc.

Rf field immunity test system

The frequency of radiated immunity ranges from 10 kHz to 8 GHz

The field strength of radiated RF reaches up to 200 V/m

BCI can achieve 400mA (Open loop method) 

Meet the test requirements of ISO 11452-2:2004, ISO 1145-4:2005, GB/T 17619:1998, TL81000 and standards adopted by vehicle manufacturers.

Transient Conduction Susceptibility Testing System

High-performance waveform generator allows for meeting various test requirements based on ISO 7637-2: 2004, ISO 7637-3: 2007, ISO 16750-2: 2006, GB/T 21437: 2008, and TL81000 standards.

Able to generate any voltage waveform (frequency up to 320 kHz) to conduct simulation test of accumulator or engine.

Electrostatic discharge immunity test system

25kV contact discharge and air discharge gun which meet the requirements of standards

Meet the requirement of ISO 10605: 2008 standard, /T 19951: 05 and TL81000 and standards adopted by vehicle manufacturers.

EMI Test Capability

EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) is principally tested based on CISPR25, whose corresponding standards applied in China is GB 18655-2002. Standards in this field basically cover two aspects: radiation emission and conduction emission.

The testing filed and equipment of CCIC-SET fully meet the requirements of relevant standards.

Radiation Test:

Test Range: 150kHz ~ 3 GHz (up to 40GHz to meet special requirements)

Allow for radiation test according to the latest versions of CISPR 25-2008 and GB 18655 as well as individual vehicle manufacturer’s standards.

Conduction Test:

Test Range: 150kHz ~ 150MHz

Allow for conduction test according to the latest versions of CISPR 25-2008, GB 18655 and TL965 and standards adopted by vehicle manufacturers.

Test fields: 10M chamber, 5M chamber and 3M chamber, which are all established in conformity with international standards.