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Calibration Laboratory

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Lab Configuration

Laboratory configuration

Instrument calibration test scope

Instruments need to be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure objectivity and accuracy of detection data and the tractability of value quantity to international standards. CCIC-SET has a professional calibration lab which is accredited for electrics, pyrology, and wireless by CNAS (Certificate NO. L1659).

Calibration items are as follows



Ø  6½ high precision numerical  table (KEITHLEY 2000) and high precision multifunctional calibrator (FLUKE 5500A), which enable the calibration of various kinds of standard sources and 4½ and below high precision numerical table

Ø  LCR measuring instrument and precise DC low resistance box

Ø  AC / DC high voltage calibration instruments


Calibration items

Ø  Withstand voltage tester

Ø  High resistance meter

Ø  Insulation resistance meter

Ø  Earth-continuity Tester

Ø  Oscilloscope

Ø  DC digital ammeter

Ø  AC digital ammeter

Ø  DC digital voltmeter

Ø  AC digital voltmeter

Ø  Digital ohmmeter

Ø  LF electronic voltmeter

Ø  Leakage current tester

Ø  LF signal generator 

Ø  LF distortion signal generator 

Ø  AC digital dynamometer

Ø  Stabilized voltage supply

Ø  Electronic load

Thermotechnical measurement


Ø  High precision humiture circuit measuring instrument

Calibration items

Ø  Environment testing equipments

Ø  Constant temperature and humidity chambers

Ø  Electrothermal blowing dry chambers

Ø  walk-in temperature and humidity chambers

Ø  Rapid temperature change chambers

Ø  High-low temperature chambers

Ø  Environmental reliability test chambers

Calibration for special equipment

With the development of technology, there are more and more special instruments and intelligentize testing equipment. CCIC-SET provides customized calibration programs and calibration services for special equipment to be used in a variety of occasions

EMC field check

Ø  Shielding effectiveness

Ø  Normalized site attenuation (NSA) of anechoic chamber

Ø  Field uniformity (FU) of anechoic chamber

Ø  Electric surge generator (open circuit voltage, short circuit current)

Ø  Electric fast transient group pulse generator

One-stop calibration services of equipment used for design and production by manufactures