Lab Introduction

Environmental testing lab of CCIC-SET chemistry division holds the accreditations of CMA and CNAS. Founded in 2014, the environmental lab now has a group of specialists with both strong theoretical background and rich experience in the field of environmental testing.

Lab Exhibition

Lab Configuration

Environmental Test Types

1.Based on the purpose of test report

  Environmental impact assessment and environmental background investigation

Ÿ  Testing support of scientific research project

Ÿ  Routine testing of pollutant sources such as water, gas and noise

Ÿ  Testing for ISO14001 and OHSAS18000 certification

Ÿ  Testing for civil construction decoration acceptance and indoor air in office

Ÿ  Investigation of pollution source site

Ÿ  Testing of occupational hazards factors in workshop

Ÿ  Testing for the environmental protection acceptance of construction projects

Ÿ  Environmental testing for the green building evaluation

Ÿ  Environmental safety testing of water, air, radiation, etc in enterprises and public institutions.

2.Based on test content

Air quality testing:People cannot live without air. An adult breathes about 20000 times per day, breathing in air amounting to 15 ~ 20 cubic meters. Therefore, the quality of air has a direct impact on people’s health. Due to the development of modern industry, human society has been developing at an unprecedented fast speed. However, alongside the deterioration of air has also posed new challenges. With our strong technical capability, CCIC-SET provides clients with accurate and reliable testing services related to home and workplace air.

Detection for air and industrial exhaust gas:

Applicable items

Testing items

Detection for air  and industrial 

exhaust gas

Atmospheric dust


Smoke  concentration

stink  concentration

stink  concentration

Benzo [a] pyrene

non-methane  hydrocarbon

VOCs (including 34 substances)


Heavy metals in particulate matter


carbon dioxide

nitric oxide

sulfuric acid mist



benzene content



Indoor Air Quality Testing:

Applicable factors

Testing items

Applicable factors

Testing items

Indoor air quality testing


Indoor air quality testing


benzene content

Ammonia, radon, etc

Workplace air quality testing:

Applicable factors

Testing items

Applicable factors

Ttesting items

Workplace air  quality testing


Workplace air quality  detection

ozone concentration





all kinds of heavy metal

benzene content

trichloro ethylene


Isopropyl alcohol, acrylonitrile, and other kinds of volatile organic  compounds

Water Testing:

substances in nature, water is a vital resource that supports all lifeforms as well as the most important constituent of organisms. As industry has been developing at a high speed, however, we are facing with increasing problems regarding water safety and quality.

Relying on state-of-art instruments and a professional technical team, CCIC-SET can offer you one-stop water testing services to safeguard environment quality and people’s health.

     Applicable  items

    Testing items

      Applicable  items

     Testing items

  Water (drinking  water, surface water, groundwater, waste water, rainwater, seawater, etc.)

Drinking water

  Water (drinking  water, surface water, groundwater, waste water, rainwater, seawater, etc.)

Volatile Phenol

Surface water

Petroleum  oil and animal and plant oil


Anionic surfactant


Heavy metal




Volatile organic compound(VOCs)

pH value

Semi-volatile organic compound


Ammonia  nitrogen

Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)


 Polycyclic aromatic  hydrocarbon(PAH)


Polychlorinated  biphenyl


Organochlorine pesticides (OC)

(OP  Pesticides) Organophosphorus  pesticide

Noise detection:

which can disturb people or, especially loud ones, is harmful to people’s health. Noise pollution mainly comes from traffic, auto trumpet, industrial activities, construction and social life such as concert hall and loudspeakers. 

Relying on its advanced equipment and specialized technical team, CCIC-SET offers testing services for a range of noise varieties including urban environmental noise, urban traffic noise, factory boundary noise, construction site noise, social life noise, and workplaces noise, etc. We can help you ensure compliance with Acoustics - Measurement Method of Environmental Noise, Measurement Method for Noise From Construction Aite, Technical Guidelines for Noise Impact Assessment, and other relevant national standards.


  Applicable items


   Testing items


Applicable items


  Testing items


Industrial  enterprises noise

 Noise detection


Railway boundary noise


Environmental  noise in construction field

Airport  noise

Environmental noise in  social life

Vibration test


Urban regional  environmental vibration

Sound environment quality

Railway transportation vibration caused by  buildings

Soil, sediment, solid waste testing and pollutant source site investigation:

Soil is an important component of the environment. Polluted soil will have very much negative impact on public health. With the upcoming release of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law, soil-related environment legislation and protection activities will be given even more attention in China.

CCIC-SET can provide soil testing results which are required for environmental impact assessment and environment investigation activities. Relying on advanced detection equipment and an excellent technical team, CCIC-SET is able to test water content, mercury, total chromium, cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, arsenic and other elements of soil, river (sea) sediment and solid waste according to relevant national standards, such as Solid Waste-Extraction Procedure for Leaching Toxicity-Sulphuric Acid & Nitric Acid Method and Technical Specification for Soil Environmental Monitoring.

   Applicable items


   Testing items

   Applicable items


   Testing items

Soil, sediment and solid waste testing and pollution source  site investigation

Metal ions


Soil, sediment and solid waste testing and pollution source  site investigation

Volatile organic  compounds(VOCs)

Semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs)

Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)


Polychlorinated  biphenyls(PCBs)

Organochlorine pesticides

Organophosphorus pesticides  (OP Pesticides)


Phthalic esters

  Soil radon

Environmental radiation testing:

Environmental radiation monitoring test is aimed at ensuring radiation and radioactive level in ambient environment generated from equipment operation in compliance with relevant national and local regulations. With long-year testing advantages in this field, CCIC-SET is capable of offering you more efficient and accurate radiation protection and monitoring services.

Testing items  

● Electromagnetic radiation

● Power frequency electromagnetic field 

● Ultraviolet radiation

●  Environmental vibration

●  X-ray

Lab Instruments

Toward the goal of building a top-rank environmental testing lab, CCIC-SET is equipped with many advanced testing instruments. For example, Agilent ICP-MS enables us to test metal elements in environmental medium with a detection limit low to ppb level (10-9); with Waters HPLC-MS/MS, we are able to undertake ultratrace analysis of organic pollutants in environmental medium with thermal instability and high boiling point.

Ÿ   Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Ÿ   Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Ÿ   Gas Chromatography (GC)

Ÿ   High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Ÿ   Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS)

Ÿ   Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)

Ÿ   Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

Ÿ  Ion Chromatography (IC)

Ÿ   UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

 Infrared Oil Content Analyzer