Lab Introduction

China's energy efficiency labeling management system, also known as the China Energy Label, is a type of information tag attached to the product or the smallest part of its packaging, which indicates the energy efficiency grade, energy consumption and other indices of energy-using products. It provides consumers with the information they need (including all levels of government, enterprises and individuals) when they are making purchasing decisions, to guide and help them to choose energy-efficient products.

The Energy Label is a concept of market access. It directly shows the energy efficiency grade of the home appliance or the product the tag attached to, providing consumers with an important reference when judging energy-saving aspect of the product. In August 2004, NDRC, AQSIQ and CNCA jointly released the Administration Regulation on Energy-efficiency Labeling, marking the official establishment of the energy efficiency labeling system in China. The system adopts the implementation mode of "self declaration + information registration + social supervision", which is commonly used in international practice.

Lab Exhibition

Lab Configuration

Testing Scope

Our testing services for the energy label cover the following products

Computer display

Copy machine

Flat panel television

Digital television receiver

Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp

High pressure sodium lamp

     Induction cooker